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This is a service for Airbag Module Reset after your vehicle was in accident.

  • Airbag Light on?
  • Airbags deployed?
  • Diagnostic Tool reads “crash data stored” ?
  • Dealership tells you that you need a new module ?

Odometers Solutions specializes in reactivation (reset) of airbag system, airbag controllers and air bag modules. Our workshops are equipped with original equipment to diagnostics and repair (reset) module professionally. Our technicians are extensively familiar with these systems. 

Our services represent substantial savings for body shops, insurers and their costumers. By reseting your airbag module, you also contribute to our planet health.

This is a service to repair/reset your airbag control module. After a vehicle has been in an accident, the airbag module needs to be reset (cleared of hard crash codes) in order for the SRS/Airbag System to function properly again. 

All SRS Modules can be reset, except if they have been damaged in a flood, fire or any other rare electrical malfunction.

We Guarantee that we will:

Erase all Hard Crash Codes that are stored during an accident.

We do not guarantee that your light will go away.

If your light is on upon installation of the module then you may have other faults, such as a blown seat-belt (just because it is working doesn't mean that it isn't internally blown). To determine why the light is on you will need to get it properly diagnosed with a good scanner capable of reading and erasing SRS fault codes.

We are not responsible for any diagnostic charges.



Step 1: You pay us for the service.
Step 2: You send the module to us.
Step 3: We Reset Your Module.
Step 4: We pay for fast return shipping.

Your module will be reset and shipped back to you within 24 HOURS of us receiving it.


Press Ctrl + F and type your model. If you can not find it in the list, please contact us.

95910-0A000(13052) 95910-2B470(0285001827) 95910-3A100 95910-2E000
95910-02000 95910-2B900(0285001829) 95910-3C200 95910-2E100
95910-02001 95910-2B970(0285010123) 95910-3C400 95910-2E200
95910-02001 95910-2C100 95910-3D100 95910-2E210
95910-02200 95910-2C200 95910-3D200(5WK43067) 95910-2E300
95910-05600 95910-2C200 95910-3J000 95910-2E310
95910-05700 95910-2C300 95910-3J100 95910-2E400
95910-0W000(0285001826) 95910-2C400 95910-3J200 95910-2E410
95910-0W100(0285010626) 95910-2C500 95910-3J300 95910-2E500
95910-0X000(5WK43793) 95910-2D300 95910-3J400 95910-2E510
95910-0X100(5WK43794) 95910-2D350 95910-3J500 95910-2E600
95910-17050 95910-2D500(09384969) 95910-3J600(611257500B) 95910-2E610
95910-17100(12210169) 95910-2D550 95910-3K400 95910-2E700
95910-17150(28035844) 95910-2D650 95910-3L450 95910-2E710
95910-17200 95910-2D710(12232979) 95910-3Q000(3Q959-10000) 95910-2W000(620955300)
95910-17600(12210199) 95910-2D720 95910-3Q010(3Q959-10010) 95910-2W080
95910-17650(21004122) 95910-2E000(407934-4404) 95910-3Q110(3Q959-10110) 95910-2W100(620955200)
95910-1C000 95910-2E100 95910-3Q150 95910-2W300
95910-1C010 95910-2E200 95910-3V200(620388500) 95910-2W380
95910-1C100 95910-2E210 95910-3X050(3X959-10050)(5WK44353) 95910-2W500
95910-1C150 95910-2E300(407934-4434) 95910-3X100(3X959-10100) 95910-2W580
95910-1C200 95910-2E310 95910-3X200(3X959-10200) 95910-3V000
95910-1C250 95910-2E400(407934-4444) 95910-3X800(3X959-10800) 95910-3V050
95910-1C260 95910-2E500 95910-3Y000(3Y959-10000)(5WK44354) 95910-3V100
95910-1C270 95910-2E600 95910-3Y010(3Y959-10010)(5WK44354) 95910-3V350
95910-1C600 95910-2E610 95910-3Y600 95910-3V450
95910-1C750 95910-2E700 95910-3Z300(3Z959-10300) 95910-3V500
95910-1C780 95910-2E710 95910-4D100(13074) 95910-4H080
95910-1E150(13180)VER2.43.4 95910-2H100 95910-4H500(SA3107100-00)(0285001924)95320 95910-4Z000
95910-1E150(1E959-10150)VER5.4 95910-2H500 95910-4H600(SA3107200-00)(0285001925)95320 95910-4Z100
95910-1E900(1E959-10900) 95910-2L020(2L959-10020) 95910-4R000(4R959-10100) 95910-A0000
95910-1J400 95910-2L030(2L959-10030) 95910-4Z000 95910-A0500
95910-1K100 95910-2L050(2L959-10050) 95910-52800(5WK43070) 95910-A0700
95910-1R000(28312617) 95910-2L060 95910-A5150(A5959-10150) 95910-A1600
95910-1U180(623739000) 95910-2L130 95910-A5600(A5959-10600) 95910-B1000
95910-25200(5WK42928) 95910-2M100 95910-A6100(A6959-10100) 95910-B1100
95910-25300(5WK42929) 95910-2M150(0285011055) 95910-A6110(A6959-10110) 95910-B1200
95910-25500(5WK42931) 95910-2M200(0285010180) 95910-A6300(A6959-10300) 95910-B1250
95910-25600(5WK42932) 95910-2R000(2R959-10000) 95910-B8050 95910-B4000(624584700)
95910-25700(5WK42933) 95910-2S000(28267123) 95910-B9250(624578100) 95910-B8050
95910-25800(5WK43070) 95910-2S600(28266940) 95910-C2000(C2959-10000) 95910-B8100
95910-25900 95910-2V020 95910-C7000 95910-B8300
95910-26100(5WK42951) 95910-2V300 95910-C7010 95910-B8500
95910-26200(5WK42952) 95910-2W100(620955200) 95910-C8100(C8959-10100)(A2C84904800) 95910-B9250(624578100)
95910-26600(5WK43044) 95910-2W400 95910-C8200(C8959-10200) 95910-C9300
95910-26700(5WK43045) 95910-2W300 95910-D3200(629665000) 95910-C9500
95910-27000(5WK4172) 95910-2W500 95910-E6500(E6959-10500) 95910-D3000(629665600)
95910-27350 95910-2Y000(28214576) 95910-H1200 95910-D3010
95910-29950(5WK4289) 95910-2Y100(28309534) 95910-H1300 95910-D3020
95910-2B180(SA3116100-00) 95910-2Y200(28417315) 95910-H1400 95910-D3130
95910-2B270 95910-39900(5WK43215) 95910-H1500 95910-D3200(629665000)
95910-D3300 95910-D7110 95910-H1600 95910-D3250
95910-D3400 95910-D7120 95910-F1400 95910-D7230
95910-D3420 95910-D7130 95910-F8110 95910-F1300
95910-D3430 95910-D7200 95910-F9100 95910-M0000
95910-D7100 95910-D7210 95910-H5000 95910-M0100


Instrument Panel cluster (IPC) packaging

Properly packing IPC before shipping is of great importance. The main materials you will need are the following:

Cardboard boxes: can be found in any stationery or hardware store or you can get used ones in supermarkets.

Foam wrap or Bubble Wrap: for extra protection.

Polystyrene sheets: for additional internal cushioning if needed. They can be bought at various hardware stores.

Air cushions: When placed inside a box, these small air-filled bags provide protection for objects rolling around. However using them can be expensive, as buying the machine used to inflate them can be pricey.

Adhesive tape: for sealing the box.

Packing IPC part should not be difficult if you follow our simple guidelines:

  1. Put the car part in the box. Place the item in the appropriate box.

  2. Wrap individual instrument panel clusters. Protect any individual parts with bubble wrap or padded foam sheeting, especially components that must be disassembled first.

  3. Seal and label the box. Use adhesive tape to seal the box. You can label it with a sign saying “Fragile” or “Handle with care” and also specify the type of item that is inside the box. However, note that such a warning cannot guarantee that the package will be treated as such and should not substitute adequate packaging.

Always assume the worst from the post office; therefore OVER package well!

Odometers Solutions IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for poor packaged parts.

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